Sunday, August 19, 2007

We're Back! with One Local Summer #8

Son had a wonderful time at camp doing everything from kayaking to archery, grinding corn to pulling carrots. When we picked him up, he was a jumble of emotions--thrilled to see us, disappointed to leave, exhausted, and full of stories that kept him from napping in the car on the way home. We're glad to have him back--and awfully glad to be home sleeping with our own pillows.

Although we're still digging out from the mountain of laundry and sleeping bags and mail, we've managed to do just a bit of cooking. We present two meals for One Local Summer:

1. One last local dinner in North Carolina: local hamburgers with banana peppers cooked in, topped with dead-ripe tomatoes and served with sides like mashed potatoes and pickled squash (bought at the Brevard farmer's market from the lady who canned them).

2. And one meal to start our day right, back home in Maryland: eggs from our dairy co-op with local cheese, tomatoes from our CSA, and grits ground by the campers like my son at Gwynn Valley! On the side, some leftover challah (made with local eggs, milk, and butter but non-local flour and yeast) slathered with NC blackberry jam. Yum!


Walter Harrill said...

We're glad you enjoyed our jam! We grow the fruit sustainably here on my great-grandfather's farm, just outside of Asheville. The next time you're down, please feel free to come visit the farm!

Walter Harrill
Imladris Farm

simon said...

well written, interesting, and beautiful blog.
I thought about including a link to your site on my blog.

if you ever get the chance, come visit me back


my blog is (not nearly as superficial as it sounds ;-) )


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