Friday, March 09, 2007

Traveling Forward

We've been on the road a lot in the last two weeks. David had back-to-back meetings out of town and Son and I took advantage of the opportunity to join him.

It was in the mid 70s and gorgeous at Wrightsville Beach:

We drove back through the Outer Banks, stopping for some running around at Jockey's Ridge:

Son was thrilled to visit the memorial dedicated to the Wright Brothers:

On the drive back, we stopped in southern Virginia for the evening and enjoyed a few hours poking around Colonial Williamsburg before we headed back to Takoma Park:

Found a knitter!

And, as we walked back in time from the parking lot to the historic area, we found others who eat like we try to do:

Then back in the car for a few more hours' drive in Maryland. After spending one day at home washing clothes and repacking, we headed up to Philadelphia--and found ourselves accidentally in the Arctic. We trudged through the snow to see Independence Hall...

...the Liberty Bell...

...and, best of all, Stuntmother and Eyeknit! What wonderful women. They made me and my son feel welcome immediately--and they filled me with ideas about some of the issues I wrote about in my last post. Thanks to them--and also to all of you who left comments. I think I am getting to a place of better understanding and comfort.

As much fun as we had, I must say I am glad to be home. The smells of the kitchen are so much more pleasurable than the odors of strong hotel cleansers and chlorine from hotel pools.

Tonight is Shabbat. Right now I'm making chicken soup and challah. These feel to me like symbols of peace and tranquility. And that is what I need right now.


Birdsong said...

Your tour was so vivid.. .I wanted to be there with you. I haven't seen that part of the world ever, but hope to one day. Thanks for all the great photos.

Mouse said...

One thing I love about blogs is how many vacations I get to take with all of my internet friends!
Mmmm.. chicken soup & challah? Can I come over for dinner?

Kate A. said...

What a wonderful thing to travel just when one is feeling a bit "lost." Looks like a wonderful trip. (I loved Colonial Williamsburg SO much when I went as a teenager. Must get back there again sometime.)

Erssie said...

Any plans for a new KAL? I enjoyed FIF so do let me know if you start a new one.

Sheepish Annie said...

I'm just oozing with the jealousy at seeing people free from their winter coats and hats! I could almost catch a whiff of warm breezes for a second there. Sounds like a wonderful trip!

Stuntmother said...

We had a wonderful wonderful time with you. I hope we can do it again very soon.


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