Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Knotty Problems

After my month-long craving for the simple knit stitch (and the resulting not-quite-finished Zimmermann garter sweaters, socks, etc.), I am finally OVER it.

I needed excitement, distraction, complication!

Sivia Harding's gorgeous Diamond Fantasy Shawl fit the bill to perfection.

As did she, I gilded the lily with a variegated yarn. My choice was Helen's Lace in the Buck's Bar colorway.

Somehow I managed to snarl the yarn into what I thought was a slip knot:

I pulled and tugged, untangled with my short fingernails, tried to unknot with a pair of sewing needles, etc. No doing.

Finally, in frustration, I threw it down and picked up Miriam Felton's Seraphim Shawl.

The yarn--what a treat to knit with!--is Mongolian Cashmere in the Deep Denim Colorway.

After about a row and a half, I came to this:

Another knot that wasn't in the yarn when I had it on the ball-winder. Good grief....


laurie in maine said...

Those freaking little slip knots! Should you pull ... just a little harder? vs Unpick it Quick!
Before it tightens beyond all hope.

LOVE that lace & its colors!!

allergicmom said...

The lace colours are GORGEOUS!

A tip I just read, but haven't tried yet -- apparently baby powder works as a lubricant. So just sprinkle baby powder on the knot, work it in, and hopefully it'll loosen up. http://www.mrsfixit.com/Fixits/FixitDetails.asp?id=530

Sheepish Annie said...

Yikes!!!!! You are most likely far more patient than I with this sort of thing. I'd probably do something violent to the knot and end up ruining all my hard work.

martha said...

We apparently had similar bad karma knitting days on Tuesday.

EGJ said...

Thanks for the link to the Seraphim, I hadn't seen it before and it's soo lovely! Maybe some day I will have the patience to knit shawls...


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