Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ho, ho, ho!

Although our atheist-Jewish family does not celebrate Christmas, we have many friends who do--including this man, the farm manager at a cut-your-own Christmas tree farm:

I knit him the Santa hat from brilliant non-Christmas-oriented pattern for the Bearded Toque. (I think I am going to have to knit the regular one for a particular sometimes-bearded relative.)

I gave Bill the hat the day of a big dinner party. Many people tried it on that evening, and you can see some pictures of the various models here in a Flickr folder.

I'll include one shot of my favorite model (my 9yo son) showing off the hat here:

I hope all of you are having as much fun as I am preparing for upcoming holidays!


Woolysheep said...

That is too cute. I wish I had the knitting skills to do that one now.

cici said...

ahhh too cute.. great model. Happy Holidays!!!!

teabird said...

As one agnostic Jewess to another - Happy Chanukah!

Green Bean said...

Okay, that is the cutest thing ever! Happy holidays. :)

Carrie K said...

I saw this and faved it at Ravelry - that's too cute!!

C Meir said...

Chag Samach!

Red said...

From another non-Christmas person, I love your knitted beard.

I do however enjoy the feeling of giving. We buy for only our children and my in-laws. But thee adults get homemade goods.

Beats the heck out of the pressure of buying out the stores.


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