Monday, December 22, 2008

Here Comes the Sun

Inspired by JessTrev, David and our 9yo son made a lovely bread to help us celebrate the Winter Solstice:

(Click on the picture for a full view.)

JessTrev includes the delicious bread recipe in her post. Check it out!

Son enjoyed making butter from scratch as well. We half-filled a pint jar with heavy cream, added a marble, and shook for about fifteen minutes.

The sun bread and the fresh butter seem to have done the trick. We woke this morning to watch the sun rise--and we're eagerly awaiting more light and more warmth to grace the coming days.


C Meir said...

I can taste and smell the bread. Isn't that strange?

cici said...

How cool. It looks beautiful!

Lisa said...

the bread was good. I just wanted to tell you that the cream and marble did not work in our house. Kid lost interest quickly as the marble was impeding his ability to hear the TV, and the fact that I used light cream probably is another reason.

Anonymous said...

That is SO COOL!

I'm going to go save that recipe for next year!

Does one do a Moon Bread for the Summer Solstice?

Meanwhile, we simply must try making butter now....

Stephanie said...

That sure is a beautiful Sunbread!


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