Sunday, September 21, 2008

Today, Son is off to the Maryland Renaissance Festival with some friends. Although Scottish Day was last weekend, he decided to wear his kilt:

Although there is lots of fantastic food available there, he packed himself a snack in my new bento box.

On the bottom is some homemade pizza with fresh tomatoes, shallots, and a sprinkling of cheddar cheese. On the top is fresh spinach leaves, almonds, and dried cherries, along with a few ABC cookies from Trader Joe's.

Isn't the box perfect for a knitter/spinner?

(Ha! Two hole posts where I have not mentioned He- and She-Who-Cannot-Be-Named!)


Mouse said...

Your son looks very handsome in his kilt! My son (he's 7) loves the Ren Faire and was very sad that we weren't able to go last year.

Veggie Mom said...

Love the photos! I've been to the MD. Renaissance Festival--what a ton of fun!

cici said...

Looking good..what a delicious looking lunch. Love the cookies. I think that box is perfect for a knitter.

Sara said...

I've been on a bento-box hunt/obsession for a while too - I picked up a Laptop for Hannah's lunches, and have been using a Sigg aluminum box (one layer) for myself - largely b/c it's leakproof and I can just toss it in my bag. (Though the aluminum scrape sound of silverware is pretty awful). Yours is tres cute though :)


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