Sunday, September 14, 2008

Crossing Party Lines

Has everybody seen this one? It definitely put my political anxiety in a better place!


Mouse said...

Thanks for that link.. it really cheered me up. Unfortunately I can't even stomach looking at someone pretending to be SP without feeling a little nauseated.

Veggie Mom said...

My husband--who stayed up for SNL last nite--told me about this skit. Thanks for sharing. Palin is a pill, isn't she? BTW, I'm hosting a Recipe Week on my blog, starting tomorrow. Please stop by and see what's cookin'!

Erin said...

awesome. I feel better too.

The Tell-Tale Heart said...

Ouch! I laughed so hard I may have broken a rib.

Can humor wake the US up in time? Might be a better strategy than fear.

Thanks for posting!

The Purloined Letter said...

What I think is funniest is that Fey does remarkably little embellishment. Her funniest lines are almost direct Palin quotes. (I don't think Palin has talked about MILFs yet...)

Laren said...

The Purloined Letter,

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