Sunday, July 06, 2008

One Local Summer #5

My current vegan challenge is only about CAFO animal products, so while we're home, we still eat meat, milk, and eggs--all from "our" farm.

For this week's one local summer meal, we combined leftovers:

A beautiful salad of arugula, salad turnips, and radishes, all from our CSA, topped with fresh peas from the farmer's market...

...and fried rice with leftover with farm steak and South Carolina rice (both above-linked in their original dishes) combined with farm eggs, CSA radish greens, farmers market green onions, and our own garden's swiss chard. A real kitchen-sink meal that left us fully satisfied in almost every way.


Carrie K said...

It looks scrumptious.

Chile said...

One evening at the CSA, we volunteers were hungry. We started nibbling on various things from the farm and soon noticed that the apples and the arugula had a lovely contrast in flavors. We whipped up a bowl of torn arugula and diced apple to share with the members picking up their share, and then noticed the limes (local Mexican key limes) that someone had put in the surplus basket. The salad, dressed with fresh lime juice and salt & pepper was a huge hit.

The Purloined Letter said...

Oh, Chili, that sounds fantastic! We certainly don't get local limes around here, but we've got to try that anyway.

The salad turnips were so sweet they were almost like apples themselves!

Chile said...

Thanks to the CSA, I discovered the Hakurei (sp?) salad turnips and little red turnips are nothing at all like the big purpletop roots. The salad varieties are sweet and crisp. Yum!

The Purloined Letter said...

Yep--I love both kinds of turnips, but they are like totally different vegetables, aren't they?


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