Monday, July 28, 2008

Hope: our next step

Frankly, I don't want that version of America to survive -- the America of chain stores, and muscle cars, and grown men obsessed with video games, drugs, and pornography, and women decorated like cannibals, and the vast, crushing purposelessness of it all. I have no doubt we're heading into a convulsion that will wring much of this junk and dross into the backwaters of history. We're capable of being something better than this, of putting our time on earth to better use, including a more respectful treatment of the land we inhabit. This year and the next will be the years of letting go, and out of that we'll commence a re-becoming.

James Howard Kunstler


Carrie K said...

I loved his observation that we now act thuggish and surly as if we are a nation of convicts. We take so much for granted in this country.

teabird said...

"dressed like cannibals."

Red said...

I am someone who beleives that there is l;ife out there somehwere. I do not think we are theeonly creatures put here in this vast universe.

And it breaks my heart to say that if another species were to fly by...I hope they keep going. for we are not ready to be discovered. For inasmuch as we have made some wonderful advances, we are still extremely primative.

I am hoping beyond all hope that we can rise above our faults, but
I do not see this happening in the near future. We are still greedy and hostile. I am still holdinh ouot that we can see our faults, but there are still too many greedy people in this world.

I know I sound pessitimistic, but truly I am not. I know there is good in all of us, but we get side tracked and fall off the good wagon. But I look foward to the day I can stand pround of thee entire human race.

*Sorry I got on a sopabox*

Jennifer (of Veg*n Cooking) said...

Great Kunstler quote. I sure hope he's right.

C Meir said...

I have friend who often says “we are not going to make it and here’s why…” This is usually his judgmental rant about nebulous, insignificant nonsense that doesn’t mean anything more that what he is projecting into it. But my retort has always been consistent; “who says we are suppose to survive?” In your post I can personally agree with not wanting an America with all of what you say, but, we as humans might want to face the possibility that we are this shallow because that is the nature of what we are suppose to be. We "Hope" we are different, we "Hope" we have the capacity to see our nature for what it is and change it if we wish it. We want to be idealistic and cooperate in the true spirit of what social contracts (societies) could become. But Americans are this shallow and self – absorbed. The culture of what it means to be American says we are better and we do what we do because we’re Americans and we’re free and can do anything (including fail). Fatalistic, maybe. I’m choosing to be the example of my best intentions and in that provide an opportunity for someone to do the same, to not be wasteful, to be resourceful and patient, to survive.

CG said...

I personally love the "women decorated like cannibals". And I like the hope. And I get ticked off at the "why do you even want to talk about TEOTWAWKI (you wacko)?"

Yeah, I think we are capable of better too, and I think I'm accomplishing it, and others are too who are paying attention and not afraid of it.


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