Monday, October 15, 2007


Although I have a tremendous number of partially-done knitting projects on the needles (including some just a few stitches from completion),I somehow managed to cast on two new ones within the last two weeks. I think finishing the book really gave me a bad case of fiber startitis.

One is a beautiful red Icarus, currently on the final repeat of the pre-lace section:

The other, meant to be just a swatch...

...turned into a sleeve for the sweater I was intending to start in November for this year's NaKniSweMo. I've always said I would never knit a sweater on sized 10.5 needles, always insisted I disliked the way entrelac looks (and I assumed it was hard), and always swore I'd avoid Noro yarn like the plague. But after seeing a really beautiful pattern with entrelac sleeves and a relatively simple body, I'm afraid I gave in to all of the above.

Oops. Is it cheating if you get sucked in by that awfully addictive combo of Noro and entrelac? Hey--if you haven't tried it, you'll be amazed at how much fun this stitch pattern is. Ooh, just one more square and then I'll stop....

But something is finally slowing me down: I am absolutely stuck on the next directions of the pattern.

So, I guess it is time to cast on something new....


The Tell-Tale Heart said...

That is so cool. Even after you've shown me how it's done, I still marvel at the effect.

OfTroy said...

Paton's SWS stripes (a loosely spun blend of wool and soy) is softer, cheaper, and knits up almost as nice as the noro..

there are many "lady elinore" scarves (from "scarf Style" ) out there knit in the SWS... Now that you have been sucker punched by the look, don't think you have buy noro to get the effect!


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