Thursday, June 29, 2006

Philadelphia Story, Day 2

Yesterday we went to the Franklin Institute, Philadelphia's fantastic science museum. Son talks more about our visit on his blog The Little Giant. But I thought I would show you this vaguely fiber-related thing:

A sheep heart ready for dissection!

In the mid-afternoon we left the museum for a jaunt around town and a stop at an incredible (but expensive) gelato shop. I got honeysuckle gelato and consequently spent the afternoon dreaming of my childhood. On summer evenings, my friends and I used to jump on a neighbor's backyard trampoline and suck honeysuckle from the bushes that surrounded it. As we jumped we bathed in the scent.

After we finished our snack, Son and I walked down 20th to South Street where we found Loop. Wow. Gorgeous store having a huge sale. What more can I say? (I walked out with 3 skeins of Euroflax--45% off.)

As I walked around the store oggling this and that, the women working in the store asked Son if he knew how to knit. He said he did and pulled out the scarf he is knitting from his own handspun. They invited him to sit on the couches with them and another customer. As I walked around the store, they all chatted about knitting and spinning for a while. Son showed them his homemade needles. Then one of the women noticed that he has no front teeth and asked him about the experience of losing them. He kept them entertained with long tales of the Tooth Knight. The women treated him like he belonged in the store. He loves being taken seriously by adults. So the store gets two thumbs up: one for its terrific selection of beautiful yarns nicely displayed and one for amazing customer service (good conversation on top of babysitting!)

The women at Loop recommended a local children's bookstore and we stopped by on our walk to the hotel. Heaven! Even though we are drowning in not-yet-read books from our own shelves as well as having more than 50 books out of the library right now, I felt the titles calling to me. The idea of supporting an independent bookstore of that quality made me feel better about my book lust. We came away with a book I have never seen before: a collection of tales about the Green Man.

We went half a block out of our way to stop at Rosie's Yarn Cellar. Although the store has a great selection, everything is tightly packed in and a little harder to appreciate. The woman working there was trying to unpack some boxes and was preoccupied. She looked a bit annoyed that a 7yo was in her shop. Right as we were about to leave, Son pointed out a sample scarf and said, "Well, that looks like it is in garter but the lines go the wrong way. Is it knit LENGTHWISE?!" The woman eyed him, raised her eyebrows--and then went back to her boxes.

Although today's visit was not the highlight of my trip, I have fond feelings for Rosie's. I think this is the store where I bought the yarn for the sweater I gave David when we were dating. (Oops--didn't know then that you aren't supposed to knit sweaters for lovers until you are married. All turned out fine, though.)

After a brief nap at the hotel, Son and I stopped by David's medical meeting reception. I had a glass of wine, David drank a gin and tonic, and Son was offered a madras sans vodka with a cherry. The bartender called him "Sir" and all of David's colleagues treated the 7yo like quite the adult. Son alternated between chatting about the workings of the human heart (the science of which he learned at the Franklin Institute) and doing a jig in front of the windows.

We then walked down Locust Street to one of our old favorites: More than Just Ice Cream. David and I remembered eating enormous slabs of apple pie back when we were dating. Last night, though, we stuck with gazpacho and salad. Next time we have to come hungrier....


xmasberry said...

HAHA! She did herself a disservice by not talking to him. I've only bought from Rosie's online (and they were wonderful), so I am hoping she was just having a bad day.

It really sounds like a wonderful day.

Elena said...

Sounds like you're having a great trip! I have fond memories of visiting my brothers when two of them lived in Philly. It's a fun town. Oddly enough, they both now live in D.C. Does our nation's capitol suck all Philly residents south?

Eleni said...

I am cracking up that you were in Philly at Loop while the sale was on for Euroflax because my friend was also there this week and made her sister hit Loop for her so she could get the goods! And my mouth is watering at your CSA!!!


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