Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Celtic Festival: The Crafts

One of my favorite parts of the Potomac Celtic Festival was the spindle workshop. Several great teachers were there, passing out spindles and pencil roving and teaching those of us in the audience how to park and draft. It was a great session and we got to take not only our yarn but the spindles home with us!

There were also an amazing number of talented artisans displaying their wares.

I bought a couple of shawl pins hand crafted by The Crafty Celts of South Carolina:

In addition to modern crafters and purveyers, there were historical exhibits about early Celtic fiber arts. I was especially intrigued with information about natural dyeing.

Here is one of the young interpreters grinding dyestuffs to make dyes. There were examples of dying with things such as madder with alum mordant--one of my next big projects.

Another historical interpreter shows off a woven belt:

There were also historical intepreters from a later period demonstrating the use of the great wheel:

The president of this year's festival is none other than knitting blogger Crazy Lanea!


Lolly said...

I have never heard of this! It looks like such fun. Maybe next year! Thanks for the documentation ;)

Lanea said...

Hey lookie--I'm famous. No problem with the pics--folks know what I look like, and as long as no one puts up any terrible pics of me, I'm not complaining. Now, if you publish a picture of me eating, we may have to have some words. :)


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