Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Knitting in Public

On Saturday afternoon, my partner, 7yo son, and I took our knitting to downtown Silver Spring for a little KIPing. Son made a sign reading "KNITTERS AHOY!" and invited people to join us. We sat in the glorious cool-but-sunny day.

Son worked on a scarf that he is making with the yarn he spun himself. David worked on the sweater he is making for Son. He is using a gorgeous blue bulky yarn. I am envious: by the time I have knitted one round of the Pi Shawl, David has knit a few more inches on the sweater. (When I get through with my lace kick, I think a bulky sweater will be on the agenda just for recovery.)

One woman commented that we looked like a very "close-knit" family. We chatted for a while and she told us that many years ago, she used to spin and weave. She asked if we met at that spot regularly. We told her about local knitting groups on other days--but I certainly like the idea of a regular weekend knitting group that meets when possible outside. Anybody interested?

Another woman glanced at my Pi and said the pattern is one she knit as a dress for her younger brother's bar mitzvah--and he is now almost 60. She looked wistful and said she had not knitted in years.

So, although we did not convert any new knitters, we may have brought two people back to the fold.


Lolly said...

What a beautiful scene! It sounds like an absolutely perfect day ;)

Leslie Shelor said...

Oh, I just love the thought of you all sitting there knitting together! And the former knitters' stories are great; hope they do take up knitting again!

Bliss said...

That sounds so nice. I love that you guys can all share this.

earthchick said...

Sounds delightful!


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