Monday, September 14, 2009

RW herbs

We had a lovely evening Saturday at our CSA's celebration dinner and silent auction. Red Wiggler is an incredible place--where gorgeous organic vegetables are grown by growers with developemental disabilities. Check out their website for more details on their mission.

RW big tent

My family donated a tiny jar of our dandelion jelly--which sold for $23! I also donated a lace shawl I knit with hemp yarn. It was lovely getting to meet the woman who bought it. She is a knitter herself!

There were so many wonderful items up for bid. Someone had donated a very cute Baby Surprise sweater with adorable buttons in the shape of farm animals. There were handmade aprons, babysitting services, an incredible restored dollhouse, bottles of honey made on-site, a green cleaning basket, handmade jewelry, and quilts for raffle.

RW auction

RW quilt

A gorgeous pottery vase called my name. A Halloween-costume development consult called my son's name. My mother-in-law bid on an antique doll, which she was very pleased to win. Although we bid on many things, we left with some handrolled beeswax candles and a coupon for a weekend in Berkeley Springs, a nearby town with hot springs. I'm dreaming of a healing escape sometime in the late winter....

RW music

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Carrie K said...

That looks like so much fun! I want that raffle quilt.

$23? Excellent!


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