Friday, September 04, 2009

Inspired Lunch

It was just about time for a little bite to eat when I ran across Erin's elegant meal over at her blog New at the Market.  Her lunch, as she hints, brought an echo of travels, of luxury, and of simplicity all wrapped together.

Although our refrigerator is still quite bare following our time out of town, I still managed to put together a variation of her composed plate:


There are steamed yellow beans with a spoonful of olive tapenade on them, a still-warm boiled egg sprinkled with pepper, green zebra tomatoes and cherry tomatoes, and steamed new potatoes tossed with lemon verbena and butter.

The tapenade was store-bought, the cherry tomatoes and lemon verbena are home-grown, the eggs and butter from a local Amish farm, and the beans and potatoes from our CSA.

Just looking at the plate made me feel calm and sophisticated.  Thanks, Erin!

1 comment:

Trinity Mommy said...

LOVE it! I am learning how to eat more colorful and this is just lovely!


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