Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Several months ago we enjoyed a weekend full of wonderful meals, much wine, knitting and weaving, games, dancing with dogs, and hikes and drives in the beautiful countryside--along with the inspiring company of our lovely hosts.

I left the weekend with a deep desire for a salt cellar--like the beautiful wooden swivel-jar (which looked kind of like this)which graced their well-dressed table.

Over the months, David and I have searched in antique stores and at woodworking studios with hopes of finding something similar. No luck.

Last week as we parked our car in front of the house we were visiting, we glanced at the yard sale taking place next door.

salt cellar

When I saw this lidded wooden bowl, I immediately thought of Babe: "That'll do!"


Woolysheep said...

Nice find! I keep mine in a jar for cooking but shakers for the table. fewer hands in the salt that way. A cellar for cooking is a must though. It makes measuring for recipes so much easier than that little spout on the cardboard canister does.

TheTell-Tale Heart said...

I too love the salt cellar. The tactile sensation of touching the salt as I sprinkle it on my food adds to the dining experience. On a practical note, it means I know how much salt I am adding, but I think it is more than that. Not exactly playing with my food, but from the same impulse perhaps?


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