Saturday, December 01, 2007

Cozy Morning

David is away for a meeting this weekend. Son and I took advantage of the quiet morning and made banana-pecan pancakes with local maple syrup for a late breakfast. We built a fire and cuddled on the couch under blankets for a morning of reading.

I have not knit in 24 hours. I guess that is what finishing a sweater under a deadline can do to you.

The book I am reading constantly challenges me. At moments, I love its argument and am totally enamored with its energetic style. At other times, I want to set it afire and throw it out the window for being so ridiculous. The other book on my nightstand seems to address many of the same fundamental questions. So a debate is occurring right now in my head. Details soon.

Tonight we're meeting friends for dinner at our favorite Ethiopian restaurant. Then we're off to look at the extravagant seasonal light display at Brookside Gardens. It is somewhere between amazingly cool and totally kitschy. Always a lot of fun!


the little gian said...

If you wanted to lite the book on fire was having one ok?

Knitting Therapy said...

Only thing that might make that tableau perfect might be a dusting of snow and a hot chocolate!

Penny L. Richards said...

I ate in LA's Little Ethiopia (1000 block of Fairfax, near LACMA and the Tar Pits) one night this week, myself. My last meal before Nell was born was dinner at an Ethiopian restaurant, so I associate that cuisine with the start of very good things! Enjoy.


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