Monday, May 10, 2010

Find and Reuse

Here in Takoma Park, Mother's Day weekend filled with sunshine and yard sales.

Finds of the weekend:

1. A handwoven hand-dyed mudcloth from Mali, perfect for our dining room table. We found this at a yard sale. The family had bought it a dozen years ago when they were traveling in Africa.


(Oops--I guess it is actually "hand-died")

Mudcloth 'Died'

2. Metal champagne flutes. Since I saw Beth's stainless steel wineglasses over at Fake Plastic Fish, I've been coveting something like these for our picnic basket. We found these at a community yard sale on the grounds of the library. Proceeds went to help finance the local Independence Day celebration.

metal champagne

We put the glasses to use Sunday morning, drinking mimosas in bed as we ate croissants and read the newspaper. (This is an old tradition that David and I had, but only recently is it one that our son could enjoy as well. Granted, his mimosa had seltzer instead of champagne, and he enjoys the comics more than the book section.)

3. A gorgeous cake plate. I'd been dreaming about cake plates all week, ever since I ran across the lovely examples over at This Week for Dinner.

cakeplate 1

cakeplate 2

I'm not sure this one should count as a thrifting find, since David found it in our basement, filled with things from his grandmothers which we have not really unpacked since we got them a dozen years ago.  I'm so pleased it is finally joining us upstairs!

Check out some other great thrift store finds over at Thrift Share Monday and at Thrifty Treasures.


Laura said...

I think the cake stand should definitely count as a thrift find! What's thriftier than finding treasure in your own belongings? When we moved into our home there was a stack of glass custard cups in one of the cabinets. I consider it one of my favorite "thrift finds" along with the old ribbon, ric-rac, buttons, zippers, fabric, and thread that were my grandmother's and that I'm still going through!

sraikh said...

Love the cake stand. I have been wanting one but then I think of where would I stash it after I am done using it, thats whats stopping me from buying one!

Wendy @ Ramblings from the Sunshine State said...

I love the cake stand!

Cindy said...

Great cake plate stand! Wow and to think it was sitting in your basement.

Reid said...

Thanks for stopping by! Your finds are fab too! Love that cake plate!
Oh, and we had mimosas Sunday too...and also a tradition!

Tracy said...

I have a weakness for cake plates. yours is so pretty!

MsAmpuTeeHee said...

I really love the stories that come/go/belong with your "new" items. Makes them so much more special, doesn't it? Can't quite get a good story like that out of a department store.

Anny said...

It looks like your home has some beautiful new additions :)

Laura said...

I'm collecting cake plates, too. Yours is beautiful!


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