Monday, February 08, 2010


Here in the Mid-Atlantic, we've been buried with more snow than I have ever seen:

Our house

Our street

Out the front door

Out the back door

A path!

But where do we put it?


*  *  *

The forecast calls for a new storm to begin tomorrow afternoon--and bring us 5-10 inches more snow...

5pm UPDATE:  The National Weather Service is now saying 10 to 20 inches of additional snow.  Yikes.


Unknown said...

that's a lot of snow!

but is february--it will melt away soon enough--(snow like that in December is a bad omen.. but spring will soon be here.

(has your son built himself a snow fort? (a igloo of sorts)--they are good fun!

Lisa said...

Wow that's a lot! We have had more snow than normal here in Oklahoma but that means more than a few inches once lol. We had 4-6 inches for Christmas and then an ice storm with a few inches of ice and a few inches of snow, some of the state still doesn't have power as the ice took out a lot of trees.

We got some snow today but it was above freezing and didn't stick but weather calls for more Thursday.

Kathleen Dames said...

It may not be fun to deal with, but your snow looks beautiful. We're supposed to get some tonight, too. We ended up not getting any of the snow you got over the weekend. Keep warm!


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