Sunday, December 20, 2009

Eating in the Snow: Dark Days Update

Here at Chez Raven, located inside the beltway of Washington DC, we were blessed with almost twenty inches of snow this weekend!

My family spent much of the weekend sitting on the couch watching the snow, enjoying fires in the fireplace, listening to books on tape, knitting, and drinking warm beverages.

*  *  *

We started the morning with migas (made with local eggs, cheese, onions, and salsa as well as home-grown parsley picked just before the snow--but non-local beans) and mimosas (made fresh with non-local clementines and champagne):

migas and mimosas

mimosas during snow

* * *

I spent most of the day knitting holiday presents in the warmth of our house while David and our son shoveled the driveway, made snow forts, and went sledding.

*  *  *

Our brisket dinner cooked all day in the crockpot. I added to the pot a few onions, some turnips, mushrooms, carrots, shredded cabbage, and dehydrated greens. Before serving, I shredded the meat and added it back to the liquid. We served the stew next to mashed potatoes.  Everything was local except the tomato paste I added to the sauce.  We enjoyed some local red wine along with our meal.

local dinner--during snow

* * *

Dessert during the snow was homemade eggnog with local milk, egg yolks from local organically raised free-range chickens (important if you're consuming raw eggs), and maple syrup from the farmer's market. The adults spiked with non-local bourbon.

egg nog

* * *

This time, we decided not to have our meals at the bistro table on our deck.  The lump on the left lower than the table is my chair!

bistro table in snow


Shaindel Beers said...

Do you ever post recipes? Could you? Your food looks mouth-watering! I was just making beer bread and reading about it and happened upon your blog. Beautiful work!

paintnpencil said...

OMG, thats unreal, the snow. We have 39 for the nex couple of days, its about 105. Talk about extremes.

The Raven said...

Thanks, Shaindel, for the compliments and the inspiration to try to post recipes more often. I'm sort of a seat-of-the-pants cook who decides spur of the moment, but I'll try more often to include more info on how I put things together.


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