Friday, November 27, 2009

Buy Nothing (tm) Day

Celebrating Buy Nothing Day?

Be sure you check out this brilliant advertisement from Amazero. (And be sure to pronounce that adVERTizment while you read.)

Check out the customer comments at the bottom, such as this one: "I bought my daughter NothingTM for Xmas--and now suddenly I'm the world's best mum! If you're a parent, take my advice and make sure you put NothingTM in your kids' stocking this Christmas."

Even the "people who liked this also liked..." section is hilarious.

(And thanks to Fake Plastic Fish for steering me to this site!)

1 comment:

OfTroy said...

almost! its a travel day for me--so i can't promise nothing--as is suspect i'll buy a cup of coffee or perhaps a snack in my layover.

but real shopping buying things (vs comestables has been on my do not do list for years!

Hope you holiday was a happy one..
(as was mine)


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