Monday, October 13, 2008

A Place to Change (Clothes)

Knits faster than a speeding Metro train!

Strong enough to write her dissertation while breastfeeding!

More melancholy than your average endangered species!


Able to prepare a complete meal from her tiny backyard garden!

She's a recycler!
She's a composter!
She's the Green Raven!

* * *

Thanks to the inspiration of three wonderful women, I have entered the Green Phone Booth and discovered my inner superhero. Enjoy our community blog where the Bulk, Olive S. Oyl, the masked Green Bean, and my own alter ego the Green Raven don capes and plan how we can save world.

Our introduction is up now and we'll start posting daily on October 20th. You can put us on speed dial right away!

* * *

When you take a turn in your own phone booth and morph into your personal superhero self, who do you become? And what are your special superhero talents?

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