Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I've been ill for the last few weeks, too tired to do much thinking.  Meal plans have gotten us through.  If I did not have them planned, I would have begged for take-out almost every evening, I think.

So here goes:

Stuffed baked potatoes with mustard greens and New Zealand spinach from our garden, as well as asparagus and garlic scapes from the local farmers market.  Topped with sour cream from our Amish dairy source.

(Inspired by the offerings at a neighboring farmers market)
Stinging Nettles Soup
Rabbit, Hunter Style
Strawberry-Rhubarb Crumble (with a gluten-free topping made with oats and coconut flour)

Chickpea Curry with Turnip Greens and Radishes (both from the garden), served over brown basmati
Cardamom Ice Cream (from the farmers market)
Cocktail of the week: Gin and Tonics

Potluck party with some gluten-free and some vegan folks.  Take a millet/black bean/mustard greens/sweet potato salad?  Improvise with whatever comes in our first CSA box of the season.

Rice Pasta with any veggies in the fridge or garden
Assorted Salad Greens

(Sa and Su--out of town)

Check out more meal plans at Menu Plan Monday and Mindful Menus.


The Tell-Tale Heart said...

I am so excited about our farmer's market dinner! While we've been eating local for a while and eating mostly pasture raised meats, egg, and dairy, there is something, well, wild about eating rabbit. Of course, this rabbit was farm raised, but it adds a new dimension to our local eating. Bon appetit!

El Bilson said...

Mmm stuffed potatoes are always a favorite of mine - love that you are using local farmers!


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