Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Gluten-Free from the Garden

Time for our weekly menu again.  Actually, past time...

Three things shape this week's plan:

1. As I mentioned yesterday, I am trying a gluten-free diet for a few weeks.  (I started last week, after I had already written the week's menu.  I kept the same general plan but changed things to GF bread on Monday and rice-flax pasta on Saturday.)

2. The garden is bursting with salad and cooking greens.

3.) Perhaps because the end of the semester is coming up, we have a tremendously busy evening schedule all week--fairly unusual for us.

*  *  *

Totally Inauthentic and Random Vegetarian Bibimpap
   (I stir-fried homegrown turnip greens, chopped radishes, leftover quinoa, a lot of slightly spicy sauerkraut, and sesame seeds.  Then I fried eggs on the top of the mixture.  We served these with helpings of hot pepper paste to stir in.)

Enchiladas (with locally-made corn tortillas) filled with leftover roasted chicken, stir-fried homegrown broccoli rapini, and goat cheese, topped with mild tomato salsa.

Assorted Salad Greens from the garden
Flank Steak with Chimichuri
Roasted Carrots (currently drying up in the fridge)
Strawberries (from the farmer's market) with Balsamic Reduction
(Cocktail of the week: Mojitos with Homegrown Mint)

(Before violin group class)
rice crackers with goat cheese
(After violin)
Back at home: Indian-style chickpeas, sweet potatoes, and homegrown mustard greens, served over millet

Picnic at an outdoor performance of The Mikado
Smoked Salmon and Cucumber Sushi
Summer Rolls with Shrimp
Tamari Rice Crackers

Party at the home of one of David's colleagues,
then a dinner-date with D. while our son is at a friend's sleepover
(We might make this a meal at home, depending on time)

Appetizers at the Scottish Pub (where we'll be for the Fiddle Session--son on violin)
Brown Rice Pasta with homegrown Arugula Pesto

*  *  *

Check out more meal plans at Menu Plan Monday and Mindful Menus.

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