Thursday, December 07, 2006

A Grim Tale...


There is a problem...

I swim past the first two rows of Lily of the Valley. I start the next row and the nupps are going quickly and rhythmically.

I'm almost back to where I was when I frogged! I look down at my yarn, my gorgeous champagne-colored silk yarn, and notice there is still a lot of frogged yarn wrapped around the outside of the ball. Maybe I was further along than I remembered?

I get to the center stitch and my count is way off. What did I do wrong? I thought something must be off since I remembered the nupps and decreases falling at logical spots after the budding lace. So I tink back, trying to catch the mistake. I don't. I count and recount and recount again.

Did I not knit the last rows correctly? I recheck, pouring over the stitches. Everything looks right.

Maybe I should just look up the count given in the pattern and count all those stitches.

hm...where is

"Work Rows 1-6 of Budding Lace 2 chart 14 times total--195 stitches."

Um...14 times? 14 TIMES?!

How was I so sure it was 13? Why didn't I bother to read the pattern again?

So tink, tink, tink.

"Why not use the lifeline you so beautifully inserted?" you ask. After trying to pick up those slippery little stitches off the thread after my stupid mistake yesterday, I'd rather tink.

Still tinking...


TheAmpuT said...

Maybe it was bad luck to end at "13" repeats, and once you get the 14th in there, all will be right with the world :-)

beadlizard said...

Chin up, breathe, you can do it!

It *is* worth the bother -- you're creating a thing of beauty.

Kate A. said...

Make lots of noises while you tink. I particularly like "eep!" "arf" and "whaaah." Very helpful.

I'm scared of trying silk lace now.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking "calming" thoughts for you. I'm not sure I could face all that tinking. No...I know I couldn't. Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

Oh you poor thing!! I did that with a lace pattern awhile back and it still has not come back out of my knitting bag.

Just deep breaths, a cup of tea and keep reminding yourself how beautiful it's going to be. :)

Hugs and bunnies,


Angeluna said...

Ouch! But it will be gorgeous when you finish. I LOVE mine. But honeychile, I put lifelines every wrongside row. So easy with Denise needles, I figured...why not? Use different colors of tight twist embroidery thread for each row of the pattern. Red for last row of the repeat, pink for row 2, green for row 4, and so on. That way, if I have to frog back, I know exactly what my next row is.


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